Horse ridinf saddles IGS and FGT technologies

“Innovation is about imagining new ways of producing (..) or inventing new products, from the most complex to the simplest, which some who make our daily lives easier” (scientist, M. Hack).

This is why Equiline invests every day in developing new products and in researching into new technological materials. We firmly believe that a modern saddle should innovatively combine tradition with the latest high-performance materials available, aiming at continuous improvement.

Thanks to an innovative research, carried out with support and consulting of doctors and vets – as well as international outdoor-sports specialists – we have created the technologies called IGS (Integrated Gel System) and FGT (Flap Grip Technology).
These two Equiline patents are practical expressions of our philosophy, which is inspired by the respect for horses and the comfort of riders.

Flap Grip Technology

Equiline hi-tech saddle flap grip technology FGT (Flap Grip Technology) is a proprietary technology of Equiline. The system involves using a special rubber in the rear and lower sides of the quarter of Equiline's saddles. This technology assures the best adherence to the Equiline saddle, as well as perfect grip;...
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Integrated Gel System

Equiline saddle gel system integrated   The IGS (Integrated Gel System) technology, patented by Equiline, relies on three different materials: - Seat: a synthetic polyester material which, after a special process, takes on exclusive characteristics: versatility, memory, reliability, durability. It also assures the resistance against bending and abrasion of the...
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