Patented technology IGS and FGT

04/05/2015 The saddle’s tree made of composed is more lightweight, stable, elastic and durable compared to a wood one. It fits perfectly the line of the horse back and at the same time ensures maximum comfort of the riders.
Morover each tree is “long life guarantee” and preserve its qualitative characteristics, it is easily adaptable to different horse morphologies thanks to an innovative system that permits the opening / closing of the withers chamber.

Thanks to the consultancy of known osteopaths, system of synthetic materials, which allows optimal pressure absorption and therefore safeguards both the horse and the rider comfort has been added to the system. Furthemore all the components promote the riders’ optimal posture, reducing their muscular tension in the pelvic region.

The technology FGT (Flap Grip Technology)

A resistant rubber insert on the flap to ensure the riders’ best grip and their optimum seizure. This system also reduces the wearand tear in the parts where the leg acts and contemporary it counteracts the formation of folds in the area, while maintaining the aesthetics of the product and its distinctive design.

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